Bryce and Nina’s

This 70’s inspired extension that looks simple had a lot of very key alignments for us to work to achieve where internal lining met windows, where ceiling beams aligned with window mullions.

Externally saw a narrow decking with a similar width cladding. With a deep roof overhang to the deck areas.

It takes full advantage of the north-facing yard.

Our scope comprised of kitchen, living, dining and deck as well as laundry, ensuite and some minor alterations to the existing.

Project Type:
Bourne + blue architecture
Cork floors
Plywood and timber veneer joinery
Blackbutt ceilings
LVL exposed ceiling beams
Weathertex cladding

"We have received numerous compliments from locals regarding the professionalism and skill of the Built by Eli team both during the build and following the completion of our home. Eli and his team took the design and made it a reality. Each day my family wonders at the beauty of our home. For this we will always be grateful."

Rosemary Rundell Lambton

"Our faith in Eli and his team was not misplaced. The experience was made all the better by his friendly, trust worthy and accommodating manner."

Stuart and Tina Hamilton South

"Eli and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with from the very beginning of the building process right up to completion. Jan and I are delighted with the impressive result that Eli and his team helped us to achieve."

Steve and Jan Curran Swansea Heads

"Eli was, at all times, honest, reliable and communicative to ensure the best outcome for the job at hand. It has been a pleasure to have worked with someone who has such a passion to build to the standard he has."

Director Newpave Asphalt Pty Ltd

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